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Jul 15, 2011 6:30pm PDT
: newscorp chief executive rupert murdoch is apologizing to all of britain for the phone hacking scandal involving his "news of the world" tabloid. the apology will be carried in british newspapers this weekend with the headline "we are sorry." also today, two executives of murdoch's british newspaper operations resigned because of the scandal. rebekah brooks, the chief executive of news international, and dow jones c.e.o. les hinton stepped down. >> tom: norwegian cruise lines is setting sail for the stock market. the miami-based company filed for an initial public stock offering today. it hopes to raise $250 million to repay debt. no word on when it will come to market, but it will trade on nasdaq under the ticker n-c-l-h. also heading the nasdaq? zillow. the real estate listing service today detailed its stock offering plans. it hopes to raise $71 million by selling 3.5 million shares priced as high as $18 a share. it gets the coveted single- letter ticker "z." >> susie: even though investors have a long worry list, tonight's "market monitor" is still optimistic about the outlook for
Jun 30, 2011 6:30pm PDT
of public workers took to the streets in britain to protest pension cuts. their union is warning the one- day strike could be the beginning of a wave of strikes. still ahead, how best to invest over the next decade, especially with stocks sitting close to where they were ten years ago. new claims for jobless benefits fell by a thousand in the past week to 428,000. they haven't dipped below the 400,000 mark since april. and with many worried about a summer soft-patch for the economy, former president bill clinton is trying to boost job creation. this week, he's in chicago for his annual clinton global initiative. the goal-- bringing together leaders from businesses, non-profits and government to brainstorm on how to get america back to work. former michigan governor jennifer granholm is one of those leaders at the event. she says businesses make decisions every day about where to locate, and if we want those jobs here in the u.s., we need to get busy. >> they're not going to places out of loyalty or staying here out of loyalty; they're going where they can maximize their profits. we have
Jul 7, 2011 6:30pm PDT
: but tour earlier point perhaps the end game is to get full control of b. sky b. in britain for the satellite broadcasting, a $19 billion deal, if it is able to get clarify for that deal, what does it mean for news corp. shareholders? >> that would potentially be a nice boost. i think that it is certainly something that any media investor knows right now is something that's very important from the vantage point of news corp.. news corp., like many other media companies, including the parent of time warner, is a challenging environment right now from an advertiser's standpoint, eve 2010 the economy slowly picking up. and the beauty of the satellite is that you get all of these fees that come in addition to ad revenue, that's why it's such a lucrative business, not just in the u. k. but around the world. >> tom: paul, we appreciate the insight, thanks for sharing it with us. paul la monica, author of "inside rupert's brain. " >> susie: here in the u.s., a federal appeals court today reinstated a ban on media companies owning both a newspaper and a television station in the sam
Jul 11, 2011 6:30pm PDT
company british sky broadcasting. the deal has come under a full- scale inquiry by britain's competition commission. separately, newscorp today withdrew its offer to spin off sky news if the b. sky b. deal is approved. >> susie: while washington is focused on the debt debate, tonight's commentator wants to have a bigger conversation about growth. he's glenn hubbard, dean of the graduate school of business at columbia and former top economic advisor to president george w. bush. >> our current national debate over fiscal austerity masks a conversation we need to have about growth-- to raise incomes and create jobs. faster growth doesn't just happen. a supportive policy environment is needed. we need to encourage participation in the workforce and to provide education and training that match the skills required for today and tomorrow. the productivity of our workforce also depends on the plant and equipment and software businesses have. we need tax reform to promote that investment. growth is powerful. at a 3% growth rate that we can achieve over time, average incomes will double between a
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)